These are our 3 stud stallions, they are all spsbs registered and licenced. They have wonderful temperaments and breeding

 This is Boing Boing (Windwillow Apollo) 29'' Blue Dun   S06-239 AP2038

DOB: 19/05/2003

Sire: Kerswell Warrior  Dam: Staplow Amy

Boing ia a lovely stallion who kind with both his mares and foals. He breeds lovely small stocky and correct foals. Kerswell, Stranduff, Fairy, Staplow and New Park bloodlines


This is Ceffylbach Apache 32'' Skewbald AW0097 / S12

DOB: 28/04/2009

Sire: Staplow Ling   Dam: Foula Jewel

Apache is our first home bred stallion and we are thrilled to bits that he passed his VVE in 2012. He has prodiced some gorgeous foals for us so far and they have all had his amazingly friendly nature

This is Mac (Kalevan Macdazzle) 31.5" Cremello AW1310 / S11

DOB: 25/04/20019

Sire: Tyros Snowstorm   Dam: Kilcummer Dazzle

Mac is our newest stallion and was purchased in June 2016. He is lovely small cremello stallion with a wealth of mane and tail. We are hoping he will give us some wonderful foals in the future


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