Threeacre Crystle Gold, 34'' Palomino   AN1596/M08 . Our foundation mare

DOB: 13/05/2002

Sire: Valleyview Fritz  Dam: Cwmhen Opal

Foula Jewel, 32'' Skewbald   AR0162/M09

DOB: 24/05/2005

Sire: Zeal Of Houlland  Dam: Quail Of Foula

*Ran with Windwillow Apollo for 2018 foal*

Halfpenny Of Catchpool,  33'' Blue Roan   AH0535/M03 359


Sire: Adonis Of Catchpool  Dam: Freya Of Catchpool

Romany Sophie, 31'' Chesnut (Flaxen mane & tail) INT/99-P1 M03-411

DOB: 04/06/1999

Sire: Romany Kinsman  Dam: Nancy Van De Hutte

Grand Sire: Romany Paco

 Threeacre Harmony F 34'' Bay   AR1672/M09

DOB: 19/04/2005

Sire: Gwenest Freddy  Dam: Cwmhen Opal

 Connie of Burland (Lilly) 34'' Skewbald   AT0323/M10

DOB: 09/05/2007

Sire: Swarthoull Sirrick  Dam: Gipsy Of Burland

Wotknotts Roxi, 32" Bay & White AY1906

DOB: 18/06/2011

Sire: Wotknotts Conquest   Dam: Wotknotts Ruby

Ceffylbach Gypsy Girl, 33'' Piebald AW0092

DOB: 02/05/2009

Sire: Goytre Merlin   Dam: Threeacre Harmony F

Threeacre Jillypuff (Dumpling) 30'' Skewbald AT2940 /M13

DOB: 15/05/2007

Sire: Goytre Kalon Dam: Goytre Jigglypuff

*Dumpling will be having a few years off from breeding and will be our daughters pony*

Gunelsta Neela 34" Piebald

DOB: 27/04/2008

Sire: Mack Of Knowe  Dam: Gunelsta Hester

*Ran with Windwillow Apollo for 2018 foal*

Langa Dot 32" Bay & White AX1125 / M16

DOB: 15/04/2010

Sire: Chewvalley Biscuit   Dam: Gaylesbrook Caraway

*Ran with Kalevan MacDazzle for 2018 foal*

Kalevan Monque, 31" Cremello BA0645

DOB: 07/05/2013

SIre: Kalevan Macdazzle    Dam: Shallowater Mulan

*Ran with Kalevan Golden Silk for 2018 foal*


Southsands Rosebud, 30" Cream Dun AJ1699

DOB: 12/04/1999

Sire: Firth Honeyclover   Dam: Birchwood Bridesmaid

*Ran with Kalevan Golden Silk for 2018 foal*


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