Foals will be available at weaning, Deposit secures

All foals will have started being halter broken and will be up to date with worming and feet trimming before they leave for their new homes.

Ceffylbach Peach Blossom - Palomino Filly RESERVED
DOB: 22/04/2019
Sire: Kalevan Macdazzle
Dam: Connie of Burland
Ceffylbach Indian Melody - Chestnut Filly RESERVED
DOB: 30/04/2019
Sire: Ceffylbach Apache
Dam: Threeacre Harmony F
Ceffylbach Forest Gump - Palomino & White Colt
DOB: 13/05/2019
Sire: Kalevan Macdazzle
Dam: Wottknots Roxi
Ceffylbach Dark side of the Moon - Smoky Black Dun Filly RESERVED
Sire: Windwillow Apollo
Dam: Kalevan Monique
Ceffylbach Jupiter - Chestnut Dun Filly RESERVED
DOB: 19/05/2019
Sire: Windwillow Apollo
Dam: South Sands Rosebud
 Ceffylbach Night Fury - Black Colt RESERVED
DOB: 01/05/2019
Sire: Ceffylbach Apache
Dam: Ceffylbach Gypsy Girl

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